At Pinpoint we bring clarity to your objectives, develop an understanding of people you care about and find unseen opportunities to create strategy and vision for your future

What We Help With...

Ask us how our toolbox can address issues you face.


Strategic Improvements

You are seeking a holistic view of the entire journey of your customers, members, partners or employees are on with you. We develop outside-in perspectives that creates a narrative about the experience people have with you.


New Markets + Growth

What’s next for your organization? You are looking for answers. We ask the right questions of the right people, and show you what we learned about you, your audience, where you can go next and how to get there.


Avoiding Commoditization

Is your offering becoming a competition on price? We help organizations understand how to create experiences for engagement that differentiate your offerings from your competitors by working with target markets to define goals and needs and creating conceptual models to crystallize thinking.


Creating An Innovative Culture

Ultimately, to sustain your competitive advantage you have to foster a creative culture that knows when and how to innovate, pivot, create and destroy. We help organizations build an organization that understands the levers to stay ahead of your competition, from the C-Suite to the Line-level.


Why We Do What We Do...

We are design strategists. We learn everything about your company, your customers, and your challenges.

By learning who you are, and understanding, truly understanding, who you care most about (customers, partners, patients, members, employees, etc), we’ll create powerful, thoughtful ways to connect the two.

Our strategic design thinkers and innovators work tirelessly to identify the real problem so we can design distinctive solutions that create emotional connections, with those people you care about, through services, products and interactions.

Problems, tools and methods change. Our philosophy will not.